Intelligent aimbot

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Intelligent Aimbot.

Works on all operating systems of the Windows family, starting with Windows 7 (on some XP assemblies the cheat may not work).

Yes. Including a s1lent`s Wallblocker.

It works on any patch, starting with 23 one. On Non-Steam versions of the game you need to disable NoFlash and Sound ESP.

Configuration with settings is installed on the site. It is enough to select the necessary settings and click the "Install" button. The configuration will be installed automatically, you do not need to download anything.

The thing is that the antivirus detects cheats, like trojans or other types of viruses. Therefore, to download, and even more to play with cheat, you have to disable the antivirus, this is necessary for all cheats.